Deep Learning-Based Solutions for the Automotive Industry

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Product recalls impact millions of customers and cost the automotive industry billions of dollars per year. It’s never been more important to catch potential problems before products roll off the assembly line.

Deep learning-based inspections can be utilized throughout the production line to increase quality, maximize yield, and reduce downstream issues. In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • How traditional Rule-Based Vision Tools and Deep Learning Example-Based Tools work together in the same program to solve tough inspections
  • Cosmetic inspections for metal engine blocks, and instrumentation cluster
  • Weld inspections for EV batteries, pistons, and precision gears
  • OCR inspections on metal etched print, casting, and stamped VIN plates
  • Assembly verification for FPA and RPA sensors, EV converter assemblies, and decorative panels
  • Kitting for spark plug trays, and tire and wheels Mesh and Textile inspections for airbag and seat stitching

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