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Webscan Barcode Verifiers Software

TruCheck software works with all Webscan computer-based verifiers and provides an easy-to-use interface to the verification hardware. The comprehensive diagnostic information goes beyond simply indicating the barcode grade and informs users of quality problems.

The software analyzes every module for printing defects and highlights any problem areas in the barcode. The data content is also analyzed and checked for data formatting errors to ensure codes meet industry standards.

The individual data fields of a symbol can be easily recognized and checked since they are neatly parsed out of the long string of characters in some 2D symbols and identified for easy reading.

Reports can be customized, printed, and saved as a PDF, or you can export data directly into Excel with TruCheck software. There are many additional features within the software that will assist you in perfecting your symbols.

A software screenshot showing a barcode grade with an image of the barcode
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