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Webscan Barcode Verifiers Accessories

  • Power supply via a cord for barcode verifiers and a wireless charging cradle for barcode verifiers
    Replacement Power Supplies

    DMV-PS is a replacement power supply for all Webscan models except for the Rover. A locking power supply is available for the Rover DMV-LPS and a wireless charging cradle for the Rover DMV-WCWA.

  •  Calibration card that shows barcode types and different reflectance levels for the most accurate results during barcode verification
    Calibration Cards

    Calibration is the process of adjusting reflectance levels. Checking these levels routinely will ensure the most accurate results. To be ISO compliant a verifier must have a calibration process that is completed with the use of a calibration card. DMV-CCC, DMV-DMCC, DMV-AICC.

  • "Webscan 검증 프로토콜"로 표시된 바인더
    Validation Protocol

    The Webscan validation protocol was designed for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. This validation protocol is used in combination with the customer's own quality systems to assure FDA inspectors that their manufacturing practices meet quality and health standards.

    The Webscan validation protocol exercises virtually all the functions of the Webscan barcode verifier and its settings and options. Hundreds of test barcodes, each designed to test specific operational characteristics of the verifier, are included with the protocol. Data Matrix calibration conformance card is required in order to complete the protocol.

    Current Webscan barcode verifier models and their corresponding validation protocol product IDs include DMV-VP-501, DMV-VP-504, DMV-825, DMV-VP-827, DMV-VP-829, DMV-VP-830, DMV-VP-833, DMV-VP-844, DMV-VP-850, DMV-VP-853, DMV-VP-861, DMV-VP-863.

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