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Track-and-Trace Software

Aggregates, synchronizes, and transmits data for tracking and auditing for complete traceability

INEXTEND computer software by INEXTO transmits data from Cognex mobile solutions and DataMan

관련 제품

DataMan 150/260

DataMan 150/260 시리즈

DataMan 150/260은 가장 심하게 손상되고 긁힌 경우나 인쇄 품질이 열악한 1D 및 2D 바코드까지도 디코딩할 수 있습니다.

MX-1502 시리즈

MX-1502 비전 지원 모바일 단말기는 최소 거리 150 mm에서부터 최대 8 m까지 코드를 읽을 수 있기 때문에 높은 선반에 위치해 있는 패키지, 랙 레이블 및 창고 천장에 달린 표지판 판독에 이상적인 제품입니다.

Product traceability is comprised of two important components: reliable barcode readers and tracking software. Cognex fixed-mount and mobile barcode readers acquire and decipher barcode information and INEXTEND software by INEXTO aggregates and synchronizes this data via a cloud interface and transmits it to a central data repository for tracking and auditing. This ensures that suppliers and distributors remain fully compliant with regulations and can track products throughout the supply chain. Once data is in the cloud, robust reporting options and 3rd-party integration are available.

Cognex and INEXTO offer a proven and complete solution for reading barcodes and keeping scan data synchronized across every step of the supply chain. INEXTEND is easily configured with Cognex barcode readers and data repositories and can be customized to specific application requirements. It is currently available with both iOS and Android app options, providing far greater device flexibility today and into the future. To alleviate concerns about mobile data connection loss, INEXTEND can work in both on- and off-line modes and stores scanned data beyond the required twenty-four-hour reporting window alongside next-destination data.

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