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Side Reading on Conveyor Picking Line

Tracking and routing to move product from manufacturer arrivals to point of sale deliveries

DataMan 262 reads codes on tobacco cartons on conveyor picking line

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DataMan 150/260

DataMan 150/260 시리즈

DataMan 150/260은 가장 심하게 손상되고 긁힌 경우나 인쇄 품질이 열악한 1D 및 2D 바코드까지도 디코딩할 수 있습니다.


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The picking line is a high-volume environment where cost savings are realized through speed and accuracy. Cartons arriving from the manufacturer must be packaged and then palletized for delivery, but hand scanning is both too slow and carries too much potential for human error.

The Cognex DataMan 262 tunnel reads data matrix or barcodes on cartons regardless of orientation, stopping the belt in the event of a bad read. A simple red and green indicator shows pickers the status of each scan, while a tablet displays where each carton belongs. In instances where cartons cannot be read, explanations can be logged via the tablet for complete audit compliance. Behind the scenes, INEXTEND software from INEXTO tracks and syncs all scans with a central data repository.

DataMan 262 readers are mounted using an integrated mirror and bracket, allowing for a very small footprint on the line and unobstructed operator movement. In facilities with greater throughput requirements, additional DataMan 262 readers can be easily added with data from each automatically aggregated using proprietary multi-reader sync technology.

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