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Tobacco Can Label Inspection

Ensure the glue is present and correctly applied so labels can be secured properly

Tobacco Can Label Inspection

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Loose or pouched tobacco products are packaged in metal cans or plastics containers. The more expensive cans (or tins) are made with the branded artwork printed directly on the metal. The less expensive plastic containers, however, typically have paper labels glued to the lid. Clear glue dots are applied to the lid seconds prior to the label being placed in position. It is important for tobacco manufacturers to ensure the glue dots are present and applied in the correct location so the tobacco labels can be secured properly -- and not fall off later in the supply chain. While this may seem like a fairly simple application, it can be challenging to see the clear adhesive as it starts to dry.

Carefully positioned lights and a vision system with reliable geometry tools are key to solving this application. The IP67-rated In-Sight 7600 vision system with c-mount cover and external bar lights provide the necessary contrast to clearly see the presence and position of the glue drops on the tobacco can. The geometry (or measurement) tools locate the center of the lid and the relative position of the glue dots. Tobacco can lids with missing glue, or dots placed too close to the edge are discarded or redirected for manual rework. This application is easily set up and deployed with In-Sight Explorer software using the intuitive EasyBuilder interface. The inspections can be monitored and adjusted directly on the production floor with a display panel or web-enabled HMI on a laptop, tablet, or phone.

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