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Recessed Cigarette Filter Inspection

Ensure filters are present, properly recessed, and defect free

Recessed Cigarette Filter Inspection

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Many tobacco manufacturers produce cigarettes with recessed charcoal filters. These filters prevent a smoker’s tongue from touching the filter and experience a better tobacco taste. Prior to the wrapping step, manufacturers must inspect each cigarette to ensure the filter is present, properly recessed, and defect free to avoid unwanted returns and dissatisfied customers. Recessed filters can be damaged if the cutting blade is dull and failures will alert manufacturers that the machine needs repair.

Cognex’s powerful, modular In-Sight 7800 series machine vision system solves this application. Using several tools (histogram, edges…) and an external bar light positioned on top of the filters, the In-Sight 7800 detects the difference in contrast between the filter and tipping paper to ensure the filter is present and in the correct location. Then, the Edge tool detects cutting defects on the end of the recessed filter, rejecting failures from the high-speed production line. The In-Sight 7800 is easy to install and set up using the In-Sight Explorer software. Plus, inspection results can be monitored on a web-enabled HMI.

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