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Case Packing and Aggregation

Scans codes on cartons to verify case contents before being dispatched for delivery

MX-1502 mobile terminal scans codes to verify contents before dispatch

관련 제품

MX-1502 시리즈

MX-1502 비전 지원 모바일 단말기는 최소 거리 150 mm에서부터 최대 8 m까지 코드를 읽을 수 있기 때문에 높은 선반에 위치해 있는 패키지, 랙 레이블 및 창고 천장에 달린 표지판 판독에 이상적인 제품입니다.


추적 소프트웨어

추적 및 감사를 위해 데이터 통합, 동기화, 전송

After pallets have been received and are stored in the warehouse, products need to be aggregated before dispatch to delivery drivers. When the wholesaler prints a shipping label for an order, it is scanned with a mobile terminal to get the list of cartons to be shipped with this order. Using either a Cognex fixed-mount barcode reader or mobile terminal, the system checks every code scanned to verify contents are correct before dispatched for delivery. This tracking information is then transferred to a central data repository ensuring complete traceability.

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