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Help ensure order accuracy and inventory counts are correct using Cognex 3D-A1000 dimensioning system.


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Totes are used by logistics operations throughout the distribution center. In some order fulfillment processes, totes are used to convey inventory to pick stations as well as convey orders from pick stations to packing stations. In fast-paced fulfillment centers, it’s important to verify that storage totes have enough inventory to fill orders as well as order totes have the correct items in them. In the absence of a verification process, order fulfillment can be delayed, or incorrect shipments can occur. Fixing Incorrect orders after the fact means both extra work and cost for retailers or e-commerce fulfillment centers. Shortages of inventory in storage totes can indicate a “loss” problem. Typically, this process is either done by hand or periodic checking with hand scanners. These methods are not efficient in high-volume environments.

Implementing an automated process using the 3D-A1000 dimensioning system to verify contents of totes as they traverse the various areas of the distribution or fulfillment center helps ensure order accuracy and inventory counts correct. The Cognex 3D-A1000 dimensioning system, which features a 3D and 2D camera system, uses 3D technology that calculates actual fill volume data which is sent to the control system for comparison to the expected fill volume. Disparities indicate situations where orders may be incomplete, or inventory may be lower than expected. The control system re-routes flagged totes to be fixed. The flexible system can be configured to work with various tote sizes and shapes to deliver accurate results. The 3D-A1000 also provides rich 2D image data of flagged totes so operations personnel can easily diagnose process issues.

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