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Tea bag carton inspection

Ensure that tea bag boxes and cartons are correctly packed

A vision system with deep learning inspects cartons of teabags from overhead the production line to ensure they have been properly assembled within a packing carton.

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In-Sight D900

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Beverage tea bags are tightly packed into boxes or cartons in rows for sale to customers. Correct packing requires the right number of rows, all bags in their row, the string of each bag tucked underneath, and no additional out of place bags. An incorrectly packed box of tea bags damages consumer confidence in product quality and may result in incorrect numbers of tea bags in a box.

The range of possible packing errors is large, and visible signs of the error can appear anywhere among the packed tea bags, making it almost impossible to program conventional machine vision to consistently detect deviations from proper packing.

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Cognex Deep Learning is ideal for visual inspection of numerous items in a container before it is sealed and shipped. The defect detection tool trains on a small set of images of properly packed boxes with the correct number of tea bags. The defect detection tool then identifies any anomalies in a packed box, including errors of alignment, number, orientation, or visible strings and labels. The identified carton can then be set back for correction and repacking.

When consumers open their box of tea bags, they are guaranteed the correct number of properly arranged and undamaged bags, with strings properly tucked.

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