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Automated Electrical Connector Inspection

Ensure that only cosmetically acceptable connectors are installed

Vision system catching defect on electrical connector

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In-Sight D900

In-Sight D900

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While function is crucial to electrical connectors, appearance can also be important, particularly in premium consumer electronics. Small electric connectors can often have scratches, indentations, and other cosmetic surface flaws that would pass a function test but still detract from their appearance. The wide range of possible defects, many of them subtle, and their unpredictable placement, make it difficult for conventional machine vision to detect them reliably.

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Cognex Deep Learning identifies even the smallest cosmetic abnormality. The defect detection tool trains on a selection of images of connectors without defects. It then reliably detects and marks anomalies anywhere on the electrical connector, ensuring that only the cosmetically acceptable connectors move on to the next stage of assembly.

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