Finished Device Manufacturers

Finished Device Manufacturers

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DataMan 360

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이미지 기반 바코드 리더기는 1D 및 2D 코드를 빠르고 안정적으로 디코딩합니다.

2D Machine Vision Systems Insight 7000 and hand holding In-Sight 9000

In-Sight® 비전시스템

부품 검사, 식별 및 가이드 작업에서 최상의 성능을 제공합니다.

For manufacturers of consumer electronics, engineered test and measurement equipment, medical devices, or clinical analyzers, vision and ID can:

  • Inspect LCD displays for single pixel defects
  • Verify the correct placement of keypads, gaskets, and other components
  • Automatically read barcode labels for part tracking
  • Check the consistency of LCD backlighting
  • Inspect product enclosures for scratches and other defects

For hard disc drive manufacturers, Cognex vision solutions address applications such as:

  • Slider head optical character recognition (OCR) to read the laser-engraved ID on the side of slider head (as small as 1.1 mm x 1.4 mm)
  • Vision guidance of hub and platter assembly
  • Head Gimbal Assembly (HGA) guidance to locate and measure the positions of the slider head and suspension arm
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