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Toilet Paper Roll Inspection

Ensure that only good packages of toilet tissue or paper towels are shipped

Vision system inspecting toilet paper packages for detects

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In-Sight D900

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Toilet paper rolls are typically wrapped in multiples for sale. Since this is the consumer-facing packaging the rolls must be symmetrically arranged, oriented correctly in the package, and not deformed or crushed. Misplaced or deformed rolls in the packaging can lead to downstream problems with conveyors, sorters, and pick and place robots when they are placed and wrapped on pallets. Flaws in such bulky packaging can even clog machines, leading to a line shutdown.

Soft, bulky items like toilet paper or paper towels can be damaged or deformed in a wide range of ways, making it difficult to train conventional machine vision to recognize all possible defects.

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Cognex Deep Learning is ideal for this type of wrapped paper roll packaging inspection. The defect detection tool trains on a small set of images of acceptable roll arrangements and identifies any anomalies in packaging while passing acceptable small variations in individual rolls.

If the number or arrangement of rolls of toilet paper or paper towels in a package changes, the defect detection tool can be retrained with a new image set and can be deployed quickly without major downtime.

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