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Code Reading on Large Pallets

Reliably read codes of varying size in large fields of view

The In-Sight D900 reads challenging codes from building materials on pallets to improve traceability.

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In-Sight D900

In-Sight D900

In-Sight ViDi 딥러닝 기반 비전 소프트웨어로 작동

Crates and pallets holding large amounts of product in warehouses, yards, and other large-scale storage areas are identified by text codes for tracking and shipping. The codes are large, so they can be viewed at a distance. They are also prone to printing errors, being partly obscured, underlit or flared, and having other reading problems under storage facility or yard conditions.

Errors in reading can lead to misdeliveries and misplacement of goods. Given the size and weight of these pallets, rearranging them takes time and effort, and can delay shipping.

Up to now, such text codes have been largely read and recorded manually. While it would seem that conventional OCR technology would be ideal for this application, the large, required field of view, the variation in viewing distances leading to variation in visible text size, and the unpredictable locations of codes make it difficult to program conventional OCR software to handle all possibilities.

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Cognex Deep Learning is ideal for reading codes with unpredictable sizes resulting from varying distances. The Deep Learning OCR tool comes with a pretrained font library, making it easy to set up and deploy. The OCR tool trains on a small set of images of variously sized codes, and then finds and reads such codes in the facility or yard, no matter what the distance, under conditions of variable lighting. The eliminates any need to move or direct the camera, improving efficiency.

Heavy pallets are arranged most efficiently in distribution areas and reliably delivered to their end consumers.

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