Consumer Products

Cognex delivers product quality, safety, and package integrity

Cognex has decades of experience in consumer product inspection, such as cosmetics, cleansers, pens, and razors all the way to watches, doors, hardware, and floor tile and is uniquely positioned to deliver the highest level of confidence in product safety, product quality, and productivity improvements for consumer product goods (CPG) manufacturers and the machine builders and systems integrators that serve them. Cognex offers the widest range of vision and ID products available from a single source to provide you with a solution for every application and budget.

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Consumer Products
Equipment Automation

Equipment Automation

In order to stay on top of the game, consumer product manufacturers must make products of higher quality, more cheaply, and more quickly than ever before. Increasing labor costs and worker safety issues have added to the demand for automation on the factory floor.


Reduce Manufacturing Waste

Manufacturers must find ways to reduce manufacturing waste, such as scrap, and inspect products more quickly and accurately and so, many quality control tasks are being shifted to automated systems to increase reliability and decrease labor costs.

Traceability and Process Control

Manufacturers of certain consumer goods must have systems in place to provide a trail of information that follows each item through the supply chain.

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