Automotive Metal Stamping Inspection

Ensure precision stamping for both small and large-gauge automotive metal parts using machine vision

Automotive stamping

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The automotive industry demands precision pattern-matching and alignment solutions for automotive metal stamped components including frame pieces, safety equipment, motors, and engines. Automation systems rely on machine vision to calculate accurate coordinates, which robots use to pick and align sheet metal blanks with tool and die surfaces. Automated precision stamping occurs under strict tolerances and spans a broad range part types, materials, and specifications. Parts must be stamped and folded within tolerance so that they conform to the exact specifications of a vehicle once they arrive on the assembly line for welding. At the same time, increased part complexity as well industry demands for higher throughput, reduced cost, and faster assembly have put pressure on automation systems.

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Cognex helps automakers, suppliers, OEMs, and fabricators standardize their automotive metal stamping lines to manufacture precision metal forms ranging from the simplest to the most complex geometries. Cognex’s industry-leading machine vision technology calculates the coordinates and rotational offsets of multiple blanks traveling on a conveyor simultaneously, so that a robot can accurately place it into a staging machine or directly into a metal stamping machine. This allows manufacturers to work with different patterns and edge finishes and pick up parts at a repeatable offset during high-speed production runs.

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