Natick, MA, USA 3월 07, 2023

New Cognex AI-Based Item Detection System Improves Logistics Operations with Edge Learning

Simple setup and robust automation increase sortation efficiency and order accuracy

Cognex Corporation (NASDAQ: CGNX), the leader in industrial machine vision, introduces the In-Sight 2800 Detector for logistics. Built upon Cognex’s In-Sight platform, the In-Sight 2800 Detector leverages AI-based edge learning technology to automate sortation processes and improve the accuracy of logistics inspections.

“The In-Sight 2800 Detector represents a breakthrough in logistics innovation,” said Shweta Kabadi, Cognex Vice President, Solutions. “Edge learning-based inspections will reduce cost, increase throughput, make AI accessible to any sized facility, and ultimately accelerate the journey towards greater warehouse automation.”

The In-Sight 2800 Detector tackles challenging item detection applications including checking whether an item is present on ship sorters, within totes or trays, classifying packaging types, and identifying process issues like conveyor jams. Edge learning technology even detects items on complicated or low-contrast backgrounds. 

Setting up the In-Sight 2800 Detector takes less than 15 minutes. With edge learning, training takes place on-device and only requires a small image set, without the need for a skilled engineer.  Facilities can reap the benefits of this technology quickly and avoid costly downtime.  

“With the In-Sight 2800 Detector, we were able to immediately see products that could not be detected by other solutions,” said Dave Bodenheimer, VP, Research and Product Development at SDI Industries Inc, a Cognex customer. “Our customers have been very pleased with the results. The In-Sight 2800 Detector is a game-changer for presence/absence, detection, and simple classification.” 

For more information, visit or call 1-(855) 4-COGNEX. 

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