Natick, MA, USA 11월 02, 2022

Cognex Launches DataMan 8700LX Handheld Barcode Reader

Premium reading performance for label-based codes

Cognex Corporation (NASDAQ: CGNX), the leader in industrial machine vision, has introduced the DataMan® 8700LX, a high-performance handheld barcode reader for label-based codes.  

“The DataMan 8700LX puts industrial-grade label reading in the palm of your hand, with a rugged design that withstands the most demanding manufacturing environments,” said Matt Moschner, Cognex Vice President of ID Products and Platforms. “The system can be set up in minutes, streamlining deployment while improving part traceability and throughput.”  

Like all models in the DataMan 8700 family, the DataMan 8700LX is easy to use, oil and water resistant, and built to perform in harsh conditions. A built-in OLED display screen simplifies setup and gives operators quick and intuitive feedback without connecting to a PC. DataMan 8700 handheld readers support a broad range of industrial communication protocols, enabling them to operate efficiently in any facility.   

Other models in the DataMan 8700 family include the DataMan 8700DQ, designed for fast, accurate direct part mark (DPM) code reading, and the high-performance DataMan 8700DX with liquid lens for reading the toughest DPM and label-based codes. 

For more information on the DataMan 8700LX, visit or call 1-(855) 4-COGNEX.

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