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Your Inspection Goals Are Driven by Your Production Line

Are you building a brand new production line that needs inspection equipment or are you working with an existing production line that needs to have inspection equipment integrated into it? The answer to this question will affect the goal you set for the number of good parts you produce.

With a brand new production line you face the challenge of a production process that is probably not stable yet. This is especially true if you are also introducing a new product to a line. It is unlikely that you will fully understand the variations that will present themselves in the production process. Your goal is to perfect the production process, but a good example of a good part/bad part ratio on a new production line is 9 out of 10.

In an established production line that requires inspection equipment, you already know what attributes contribute to rendering a part good or bad and you can set up your inspection equipment to catch the known bad parts and you can use it to monitor changes in the production process. A good part/bad part ratio goal on an established production line can be as high as 99.99/0.01.

It’s important for you to set realistic goals for your inspection equipment based on what you already know about your production process and the objects you are inspecting.

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