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Ten Reasons Why Machine Vision Works for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Here at Cognex, we have provided application solutions to thousands of pharmaceutical manufacturers. The reasons are pretty simple: Customers demand zero defects. The ability to track and trace packages and products is no longer simply an option, it’s essential to complying with the laws of most countries. The traceability function that machine vision provides allows pharmaceutical manufacturers and packagers to uniquely code each lot, batch or individual item and identify the time and location of production. This helps them:

  1. Comply with packaging requirements
  2. Combat counterfeiting and avoid fraud
  3. Improve product safety
  4. Identify and resolve quality problems
  5. Prevent defects
  6. Maintain customer satisfaction and protect the brand
  7. Minimize product liability
  8. Reduce the cost and scope of recalls
  9. Streamline the supply chain
  10. Maximize profits

Find out how machine vision works for your industry and ensure that you Make It Right.

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