Smart Cameras Are Critical to Defect-Free Printed Circuit Board Production

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) contain small control components that can have a major impact on the performance of the finished product, so no errors or mix-ups can be tolerated in their manufacture.

One of our clients in Germany that produces PCBs uses lasered Data Matrix codes to ensure that the boards are produced without errors. They apply the codes and inscriptions by laser - either by ablation or by conversion of solder paints. It’s super-delicate work. Their new laser marking system uses an innovative laser scan head that features a moving deflection mirror, CO2 lasers and the In-Sight® 5100 smart camera to reach its precision goals.

In applications like this, a smart camera is the only real option because only a smart camera can fulfill the three important functions in the process: it measures the board, reads the codes and inscriptions, and evaluates their quality. Because of the speed and reliability of the smart camera, the performance and marking speed of the laser can be configured easily and accurately in order to achieve consistently high code quality. In this way, the inline system processes PCBs of various sizes, materials, and thicknesses of solder paint efficiently and without difficulty.

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