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SensorView 2, Configure Test and Monitor Checker 4G Vision Sensors No PC Required

This week, Cognex released SensorView® 2, a new smart display for Checker® vision sensors. SensorView 2 completely eliminates the need for a PC on the factory floor by enabling production engineers to set up new and adjust existing inspections as well as deploy as a display to monitor Checker 4G vision sensor activity.

The SensorView 2 smart display features an industrial grade housing and an 8.9 inch (225mm) touch screen making easy to see and large enough for operators to interface with and on the factory floor. And with built-in Ethernet based communication, SensorView 2 can be conveniently mounted where operators need it and access all Checkers integrated into a factory network. All this for an incredibly low price! For more information about SensorView 2 and Checker 4G vision sensors, download a Product Guide.

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