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Only Checker Delivers Detection and Inspection Capabilities

Checker is the only vision sensor that’s capable of both part detection and part inspection. A typical vision sensor requires an external signal to tell it when to take a picture of your part for inspection. Checker is different. It’s always looking for your part. It’s able to detect and track it as it passes by. Once it’s found your part, it’s capable of inspecting multiple features on your part and yielding a simple pass/fail or go/no result. Checker inspects features that are troublesome or simply cannot be inspected by a typical photoelectric sensor. These challenges include the presence of printed text, verifying correct part orientation or the correct location of a feature. Because Checker can detect the part, it can then track its position and guarantee that inspections are being performed in the same location each time. This effectively eliminates the need for costly fixturing in your inspection process.

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