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OCR Technology Helps Meet Product Regulations in Tough Environments

When Croatia-based INFO d.o.o. needed to develop a date printing and checking solution to comply with new legal regulations calling for printed production dates on the sides of cement bags, they deployed the robust Cognex In-Sight® vision system with its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool to do the job.

The cement manufacturing line is a very rough production environment and date printing was not always successful. Before In-Sight with OCR was deployed, some bags went to the market without the required documentation.

The In-Sight vision system delivered the robustness, ruggedness, and software tool performance required to solve this application reliably in all physical conditions. Any challenges associated with the variable positions of the printed production dates were handled by fixturing the OCR tool to the powerful pattern algorithm. In-Sight‘s code reading capability and the system’s ability to communicate easily with the PLC have allowed INFO to comply with regulations in a cost-effective way.

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