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More Automotive Manufacturers Are Turning to 3D Machine Vision for Factory Automation

Right now, a number of mature 3D machine vision technologies are helping automobile manufacturers bring new car designs to market faster while reducing tooling costs. Single, dual, and multi-camera 3D machine vision technologies are helping robots become flexible production machines that can be re-deployed as production needs change. By adding an extra dimension to their machine vision automation systems, industrial engineers can enjoy all the traditional benefits and features of 2D vision while automating hazardous applications once considered too challenging for traditional plant automation, such as adhesive dispensing, painting and welding.

In short, 3D vision-guided applications are helping automakers to:

  • Improve quality and prevent defects
  • Achieve compliance with new traceability requirements
  • Reduce waste, increase yield and boost productivity

Learn more about how 3D machine vision technology is currently being used in automotive manufacturing from the Expert Guide, 3D Machine Vision Applications in the Automotive Industry.

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