Visualization Performance Feedback

What does visualization mean to a DC? It means you get to see what the barcode reader sees. Unlike with laser scanners where you have no idea why you might be getting a no read, you just know you got one, with Cognex Products you are able to see what the barcode reader is seeing either live OR you can FTP the no read images and send them to a database to view at a later time.

Visualization can help you with process improvement. Now that you have a picture of the no read, something you can’t do with laser scanners, you can review it to understand why you got the no read. Was it because there was no label? Because the label didn’t print? Because the label wasn’t in view of the reader? Now you’ll be able to see why and fix the issue to reduce read rates even further!

In addition, you can use visualization at presentation stations so the operators can confirm through the HMI that the product they have just scanned is what should have been picked.

Seeing is believing…  and now you can see what your barcode readers are seeing.

In the next blog I’ll talk about why you don’t want moving parts in your reader.

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