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The Most Powerful 2-D Matrix Decoding Algorithm On the Smallest Code Reader

Following the success of 2DMax+, 2-D code reading algorithm, in the advanced DataMan 300 and 500 series of fixed position barcode readers, we are now delivering it to those of you who need a smaller form factor, especially if you are in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and consumer goods packaging industries. Barcode reading in these industries is often challenging due to poor print quality, varying part sizes, curved surfaces and labels damaged by environmental factors or supply chain activity.

Though Data Matrix codes have built-in error correction, “no-reads” can still occur when codes are incomplete. 2DMax+ barcode software can read Data Matrix codes even when critical elements of the codes are missing. 2DMax+ can also locate and decode Data Matrix codes that are overexposed or underexposed, without requiring multiple retries. This improves throughput, speed and overall reliability.

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