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Solving Two Applications with One Handheld Barcode Reader

Here are a couple of clips we posted on CognexTV on YouTube. They show the tremendous flexibility of the liquid lens in the DataMan 8000 handheld barcode reader series.

In this first one, you’ll see we’re able to read a 1-D barcode right up close at about 10-15 inches away and then read a large 1-D linear code on the wall about 6-8 feet away. The liquid lens is able to change its focal distance from up close to a far focal distance without any special adjustment by me. And, yes, that’s me in the video.

Below, you’ll see another video of the handheld barcode scanner with liquid lens variable focus technology. Here we see a typical use case. This is a DPM part and I’m able to illuminate it appropriately with patented integrated lighting (UltraLight) and read it with a close focal distance and then we’re easily able to read the sample work order with a 1-D barcode at a different distance.  In a sense, liquid lens technology allows us to solve two applications with one single handheld barcode reader!

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