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Reading Automotive DPM on Plastic

I've been getting a lot of questions about whether or not our handheld barcode scanners can read 2-D Data Matrix DPM codes on plastic. It’s pretty prevalent in automotive DPM reading but this application is also picking up speed in other industries as 2-D matrix codes are gaining more and more traction.

Automotive manufacturers mark 2-D Data Matrix codes on molded plastic like bumpers or other part housings. When these codes are marked, they create very little contrast, meaning they are difficult to discern from the background. With proper lighting, a handheld barcode reader should be able to read these codes. Not to brag, but our DataMan® 8500 handheld barcode scanner has such specialty lighting built right into the reader making the environmental lighting and the low-contrast printing non-factors. Check out the video of UltraLight® technology to learn all about it.

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