Is There Anything Better Than a Laser Barcode Scanner for Logistics Applications

The logistics industry has been using existing laser barcode scanning technologies for quite some time now. What has gone into optimizing the efficiency of these systems? Well, for the most part, the optimization has gone into how the 1-D linear barcodes are printed onto labels to compensate for the limitations of laser barcode scanning systems.

First, there are length to height ratio requirements making barcodes larger in size and taller in height so that laser scanners can deal with rotational variation of packages as they goes past the scanning points.

Secondly, print quality is tightly controlled to make it easier for lasers to do the best they can. Generally, damaged or lightly printed barcodes cannot be read by most laser barcode scanners.

So why, even with these efforts, are the read rates within the logistics industry still averaging below 99%.

What is needed in order to solve this problem? Can image-based barcode reading technology change the way that you do business today so that you can significantly improve read rates and lessen the effort put into compensating for antiquated laser technology?

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