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Food Traceability and 2-D Barcode Reading Technology

Virtually every food processor or packager in the world today is concerned about traceability. In the event that a food product is contaminated or mislabeled, only the effectiveness of the producer’s traceability efforts stands between a quick fix of the problem and an unmitigated disaster.

More manufacturers are adopting the use of the Data Matrix symbology in addition to the 1-D barcodes in order to provide traceability in their manufacturing process, as well as error-proof production. With increasing production speeds, and various packaging materials to mark and trace, the need for advanced code reading algorithms to adapt for high speed, and distorted codes is more important than ever.

And I have not even mentioned compliance issues, both mandated and voluntary, that food producers must address to remain competitive.

Here at Cognex, we have done a great deal to help our food industry customers meet the challenges of product traceability. Our barcode reading technology works for thousands of food producers around the world and allows them to deliver safe products of the highest quality all the time.

I encourage you to take a moment and see how our barcode reading solutions can help you meet your product safety and quality challenges. Download the Food and Beverage Industry Guide or contact a Cognex Sales Engineer directly.

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