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DPM Code Reader Achieves the Highest Read Rates for 2-D Codes

In previous posts, you learned how the DataMan 300 reads 1-D barcodes faster with 1DMax+ and Hotbars technology and how intelligent tuning can automatically adjusts the integrated lighting settings for fast and easy setup.

2DMax+ is the 2-D barcode software algorithm that gives the DataMan 300 industrial ID reader the aptitude to find and decode damaged or poorly marked 2-D matrix codes through the widest range of illumination, marking and material variations, which, in turn provides the highest read rates for your applications.

Data Matrix built-in error-correction can help in many cases but not when critical parts are missing. 2DMax+ can even decode Data Matrix codes missing finder patterns or timing/clocking patterns.

2DMax+ easily finds and reads Data Matrix codes that are underexposed and overexposed without multiple retries, improving throughput, speed and overall reliability.

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