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Distribution Center Network Easily Integrates DataMan 500 Barcode Readers

Goody Goody Liquors of Texas, USA, needed to install a system to apply required tax stamps with 1-D  linear barcodes as well as read the barcode for verification, tracking and auditing.

The best barcode scanner for this high speed beverage application was the DataMan® 500 and one of the key selling points for the liquor distributor was the easy integration into their existing network. DataMan communicated directly to their Rockwell® PLC using built-in EtherNet/IP protocol with Rockwell Add On Profile (AOP).

The PLC was then easily programmed to issue commands to the barcode reader to capture an image, provide feedback on whether or not a barcode was detected, and send the scanned barcode number to the networked database. This was all accomplished with only three lines of code.

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