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DataMan 300 Is Fast and Easy for Multiple Barcode Reading Applications

If you have seen any of the 1-D or 2-D demos, you know how fast and easy to use the DataMan 300 barcode reader is. What you may not have heard is how the modular lighting and optics makes the DataMan 300 simple to configure for multiple applications by changing the lighting or optics yourself.

All you need to do is get one DataMan 300 and order the lighting you need for additional applications, then change out and configure it right on the spot. If you need additional external light, the DataMan 300 will power it, no need for a separate power source, and the lights can be individually controlled which adds to the flexibility.

The optics are just as modular, you just install the lens, S-Mount liquid lens, S-Mount in 10, 16 and 25 mm. or C-Mount. The DataMan 300 also has an “intelligent tuning” feature which optimizes the light configuration and the lens focus for optimal reading performance.

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