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The application of the In-Sight 5100 in packaging automation

Master Kong

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Tingyi Holding Group specializes in the production and distribution of instant noodles, beverages, and baked goods in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The Group’s three main product divisions have established leading market shares in certain segments of the PRC’s food industry. The Group is best known in the PRC for its Master Kong brand name which appears on the packaging of most of its products. Tingyi distributed its products throughout the PRC using its extensive sales network consisting of 493 sales offices and 79 warehouses serving 5,798 wholesalers and 72,955 direct. This extensive sales network is a significant contributor to the Group’s leading market shares and it enables the Group to rapidly and successfully introduce new products.

Tingyi’s traditional manual information collection methods on its production lines suffered when the accuracy of the data collected was seriously affected by the visual fatigue of workers which increased the probability of errors. This loss of accuracy posed a potential safety hazard to workers required to operate production lines for long hours. In addition, human resources needs and payroll costs increased significantly resulting in higher operating costs. Meanwhile, since the observers had to record the collected information on paper there was a significant risk of data loss and alteration, making it difficult to track data for future reference accurately.

In order to overcome these challenges, Tingyi decided that deploying a machine vision system for defect detection on their production lines was the best solution.

Tingyi chose an In-Sight® 5100 vision system because it offered the richest application experience, sturdy and durable devices, high-quality service after the sale, and a global support network. In addition, in order to simplify and accelerate the system integration process, the In-Sight 5100 provided a variety of accessory options specially designed for use with vision sensors, including light sources, I/O expansion modules, monitors, Ethernet workstations, and camera shots. Furthermore, the In-Sight 5100 also provided a variety of support methods and training courses which allow easy and illustrated guidance on using vision sensors and provided excellent solutions to help Tingyi operate its equipment in an intelligent way.

The high speed and high resolution features offered by the In-Sight 5100 perfectly match Tingyi’s application requirements and provided a strong guarantee the system would meet the project requirements. Once Tingyi deployed the In-Sight 5100 the advanced Ethernet interface provided an easy connection with the host computer. It also helped them integrate the data collected with their production lines while providing convenient product networking and connections with other networks.

The Cognex vision system met Tingyi’s requirements by delivering accurate packaging information and an automatic data collection system, including improving security on the operation site, the elimination of potential safety hazards, the reduction of workload for machine operators including salary savings and decreased production costs. The system also stored relevant data effectively and accurately for the long-term. This created a paperless information environment in the factory, and provided data support to create network-based information flow and production automation.

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