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5-Sided Barcode Reading Tunnels Accessories

  • DM370 Accessories - 	 High-Powered Integrated Torch (HPIT)
    High-Powered Integrated Torch (HPIT)

    HPIT uses 16 LED lights, high speed liquid lens technology, and distance sensors to provide unmatched image formation, eliminating the need for external lighting.

  • DM370 Accessories - High-Powered Illumination Accessory (HPIA)
    High-Powered Illumination Accessory (HPIA)

    HPIA provides the brightest image with the highest contrast for very high speed logistics applications.

  • DM370 Accessories - Filter
    Filter Options

    Interchangeable front cover polarization filters fully optimize image quality.

  • DM370 Accessories - High-Powered Integrated Light (HPIL)
    High-Powered Integrated Light (HPIL)

    HPIL provides direct polarized or non-polarized light onto standard label-based and direct part mark (DPM) codes.

  • DM370 Accessories - Lens
    Lens Options

    C-mount and high speed liquid lens options provide maximum application coverage.

  • Xpand Accessory

    The Xpand technology accessory increases the field-of-view coverage of a single barcode reader by over 50%, achieving wider belt coverage with fewer readers and simplifying setup and installation.





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