Improve traceability and efficiency at the dock door

お使いのパソコンで、57 分、ご都合の良い時間に受講できます! ご利用には、下記のご登録(無料)が必要です。


Warehouses typically use handheld scanners to scan pallets at the dock door, which can only read one code at a time. A fixed-mount barcode reader with an integrated High-Speed Steerable Mirror can capture multiple barcodes in a single field-of-view. Not only does this solution accelerate inbound pallet receiving at the dock door, but it also ensures proper traceability of all products on the pallets as they enter the facility.

In the webinar you will hear about:

  • Inbound & Outbound Truck Material Validation (Product Traceability)
  • Entire Pallet Side Scan with Single Camera Solution
  • Eliminating Fork Truck Handheld Scanners


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