NATICK, MA, USA 3月 25, 2008

Cognex Offers Broadest Range of Image Based ID Readers

DataMan 700 handheld readers provide total confidence code reading

Any code. Any surface. Any marking method. With the introduction of the DataMan® 700 handheld ID readers, Cognex now offers the broadest range of image-based ID readers and code quality verifiers available anywhere.  From printed barcodes on labels to the most challenging 2D codes directly marked on metal parts, DataMan readers provide total confidence industrial ID reading every time.

“The new DataMan 700 handheld readers really round out our ID product family,” said Carl Gerst, Cognex Senior Director & Business Unit Manager for ID Products. “We now have a reader for every need, so customers can rely on Cognex for all their industrial code reading requirements.”

The DataMan 700 series includes two new readers: The DataMan 750 model is ESD-safe, making it ideal for reading 1D and 2D codes in the electronics and medical device industries.  It also utilizes the award-winning IDMax® decoding software to handle code degradations that result from differences in material types and surfaces. The DataMan 710 model features IDQuick™ decoding software for fast, consistent reading of high-quality 1D and 2D codes, as well as low-contrast codes on uniform backgrounds. It provides exceptional performance on labels and other well-marked codes.

Both models use an advanced image formation system to optimally illuminate marks on a wide range of surfaces. The intuitive DataMan user interface (shared by all DataMan models) has been optimized for quick setup and ease of use. Compact size and ergonomic design make the 700 series exceptionally easy to use, while the rugged design ensures long-term reliability in industrial environments.

Cognex is also introducing today the DataMan® 100S fixed-mount ID reader.  It is ideal for reading codes on slow-moving parts or where index motion is used.  The DataMan 100S joins other members of the DataMan 100 family, which includes models for reading the most challenging DPM codes and codes marked on fast moving parts.

The DataMan 700 Series handheld ID readers and the DataMan 100S fixed-mount ID reader are available now.


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コグネックスコーポレーションは、すべてにおいて見たことから判断する人間同様の能力を持つ人工知能 (AI) 技術を採用している幅広い画像処理式製品を設計、開発、製造、販売しています。コグネックスの製品には、マシンビジョンシステム、マシンビジョンセンサ、バーコードリーダなどがあり、世界中の工場や流通センターで使用され、生産および配送エラーを排除するのに役立てられています。





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