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Ensure Repeatable Dimensional Measurement Functionality in your Vision System

Dimensional measuring tools can give your machine vision system real flexibility in many applications on your production line. Most gauging tools can perform very well in a controlled environment with no extraneous factors to affect the application.

But none of us works in a controlled environment. So how can you be sure your gauging tools are going to deliver accurate, repeatable dimensional measurements consistently on your production line?

When choosing a vision system, you need to make sure you are getting a full suite of gauging tools which will allow you to choose the right one to fit the requirements of your measurement application without having to write custom scripts or functions.

To ensure accurate measurements, your vision system should be able to correct lens distortion that can affect measurements, especially in the outer areas of the image. Image pre-processing tools allow you to optimize and manipulate images prior to inspecting the object. Also, distinct calibration tools for area and line scan cameras extremely accurately correct lens distortions and camera displacements such as rotation and tilt.

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