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Whats the Difference Between Vision Sensors and Vision Systems

The main difference between a vision sensor and a vision system is the targeted applications, the results you get and who can deploy it. Let me explain what I mean by that.

In general, machine vision systems are very powerful devices capable of providing you a wealth of information about your inspection process and your production facilities. Machine vision systems can perform robotic guidance, inspections, and measurement applications. They can read bar codes and data matrix codes. Machine vision systems typically require a greater investment and sometimes additional training or the services of a third party in order to deploy them.

Vision sensors are targeted toward presence/absence applications requiring a simple go/no go answer and they can be configured and deployed by factory floor personnel in minutes like a photoelectric sensor. This not only enables people on the factory floor to maintain and deploy vision sensors, it also expands the number of people who can do it.

The best plan of action is to contact a machine vision engineer and see which solution is better for your vision inspection needs.

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