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Online retailer increases read rates to more than 99 percent

An online retailer was struggling with the read rates on their ship sorter line. The 1-D barcodes on the shipping labels were applied to various sized shipping boxes and bags with odd shapes, tubes, etc. The mailing labels were sometimes obscured with tape or polyethylene wrapping, and were often askew. Their existing laser scanners could not handle the variation in shape and label position and the damage of the codes as they made their way along the line. These issues caused an abundance of no-reads (nearing 10%) resulting in delays to customers due to the need for manual sortation of rejects.

The DataMan 500 image-based logistics reader was able to overcome all of the obstacles while increasing the read rate to more than 99% without slowing down the line. Traditional laser scanners could not compete with image-based technology featuring the patented 1DMax+ algorithm with Hotbars image analysis for high speed 1-D  barcode reading. 




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