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Do You Know How Much Your Enterprise Mobile Devices Are Costing You, Really?

For many enterprises, the pressure to increase productivity while cutting costs is higher than ever. One line item to look at for relief is your mobile barcode reading technology spending. Investing in a modular mobile terminal device versus a purpose-built device carries several benefits as well as significant cost savings.

For companies which purchase mobile terminals, smartphones, and their accessories, Cognex’s research shows that users are better able to take advantage of new technology. This begins a virtuous cycle of speeding up productivity and accuracy. And the best part? To continue upgrading smartphone software on an ongoing basis is FREE!

It pays to compare the benefits and total cost of ownership of Cognex’s MX-1000/MX-1502 mobile terminals to competitive solutions. Investing in 100 mobile terminal devices from Cognex versus 100 purpose-built devices from another company can save you $125,000 over 5 years. Learn how with our Mobile Terminal Cost Savings Sheet.




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