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3 Simple Ways to Increase Throughput and Cut Costs in Your Distribution Center

Did you know increasing your read rates from 99% to 99.8% could save you $1 million each year? Did you know that by minimizing package gaps from 6.6” to 3.5” you could save up to $8 million per year? Cognex technology will increase the throughput and efficiency of your logistics operation by increasing read rates of severely damaged codes, minimizing the number of manually-scanned packages and optimizing automated processes.

Your potential cost savings can be determined by reviewing these 3 key areas:

Read Rates

Being able to read severely damaged codes at lower resolutions, higher perspectives, and better speeds means you can cover more of the belt with fewer barcode readers!


Decreasing the required viewing angle, envelope of the tunnel, and gapping needed between packages means you can process more packages, faster, and with greater accuracy.

No Reads

Understanding why a no-read occurs, rather than simply identifying that it happened, helps identify areas for process improvements that will raise read rates to their optimal level.





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