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Meat safety and quality inspection

Quality Meat Packers


VisionPro software in use example

VisionPro マシンビジョンソフトウェア


MVS-8000® series frame grabber from Cognex enables Quality Meat Packers to trace meat inspections throughout each stage of the disassembly process. ATR Systems Inc. decided to have the gambrels that suspend the company’s hogs engraved with a three character, alpha-numeric code. By doing so, Cognex vision is able to trace the meat through the entire inspection process. The frame grabber captures up to forty frames per second from four cameras. A significant advantage of implementing this system is that QMP is now able to obtain information from prior inspection stations in real time. They can signal that there is a problem as meat comes down the line, and production increased from 5400 to 7700 hogs per day.

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