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Rev up Production

and drive down defects

Vision Powered Automotive Solutions

Automotive manufacturers and part makers count on Cognex vision systems, sensors and barcode readers to improve quality by eliminating defects, verifying assembly and data at every stage of production. Cognex offers a broad range of solutions that readily integrate with factory automation systems to help minimize downtime, reduce recalls and quickly achieve ROI.

See how Cognex products reduce production errors and improve traceability:

Align Parts

Geometric pattern matching tools found in Cognex vision systems accurately place and align parts to reduce costly recalls and rework.

Read Characters

Cognex OCR tools accurately read serial numbers cast into metal parts so suppliers can track components throughout the supply chain.

Detect Part Presence

Cognex vision sensors verify part presence to ensure assemblies are correctly manufactured and minimize production errors.

Reduce Defects

Cognex 2D and 3D vision systems detect defects not visible to the human eye and ensure only the highest quality products make their way to consumers.

Guide Robots

Cognex 2D and 3D vision systems guide assembly and machine tending robots to deliver the highest level of flexibility and quality control while reducing tooling costs.

Improve Data Capture

When reading barcodes, serial numbers or VIN plates, Cognex technology improves the accuracy and reliability of recording data and minimizes the chance of errors.

Identify and Inspect Tires

Cognex technology reliably reads barcodes, DOT codes, or serial numbers and performs reliable sidewall, tread and carcass inspection during production to ensure the highest quality.

Track Parts for Traceability

Cognex barcode readers quickly and reliably read DPM codes to support improved quality, manage inventory and provide traceability throughout the life of the part.