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I sistemi di visione Cognex aiutano a ridurre i tempi di rilevamento dei difetti e garantiscono il controllo qualitativo dei prodotti

An Feng Spring Enterprise Co., Ltd

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An Feng Spring Enterprise Co., Ltd. is an automated manufacturer of diversified high-precision springs located in China. In addition to high-precision compression springs, An Feng Spring Enterprise’s product line includes extension springs, torsion springs, sheet springs, power springs, vertical climbing equipment, spring rings, and steel bars.

In order to operate the factory at optimum efficiency, An Feng Spring Enterprise required online and real-time detection of product defects. Further, the number of defective products needed to be as close to zero as possible. The springs themselves are very small and this coupled with the high speed of the production line presented significant challenges to the defection detection process and made the task impossible for human eyes to perform.

Before deploying their Cognex solution, An Feng Spring Enterprise used a 2.5D projector to conduct measurements using manual observation. They also used random inspection as a method of measurement. This process did not meet the demands of their production line.

An Feng Spring Enterprise deployed Cognex In-Sight® Micro 1100 meet their challenges. The In-Sight Micro ascertains measurements of spring length, diameter, and molding angle of the center circle for each object and identifies defects when they are present. The Cognex machine vision system is designed to detect defects on the basis of predetermined tolerances and at a rate of speed high enough to meet the stringent demands of the production line. When a quality problem is detected in an object, the Cognex system sends a ‘defective’ signal for rapid classification and correction. Performing these tasks perfectly is critical during the entire manufacturing process, as well as during production and delivery of the inspected objects. The Cognex vision system provides rapid defect detection - —even with different product specifications - —along with detailed records of the detection results and images.

The Cognex vision system is a good solution for An Feng Spring Enterprise because it is easy to operate, delivers a high degree of accuracy, and features flexible, easy-to-use measurement tools.

The new defect detection process provided by Cognex has allowed An Feng Spring Enterprise to eliminate manual inspection inaccuracies, lower labor costs, enhance production efficiency, and increase output and sales opportunities.

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