Shipping Case Tracking

Read serialized codes to track products from warehouse to customers

Image-based barcode reader scanning parcel label with a Data Matrix code

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Once cigarette cases have been filled, contents inspected, and the cigarette carton codes read, a serialized 1D barcode or 2D Data Matrix code is applied to the outside of the shipping case. These codes are generally clearly printed in black on a white label and are traveling at a relatively low speed making them easy to read.

Tobacco distributors want to ensure that every barcode is read using automation and that the data is captured in a database to track and trace tobacco products from the warehouse to the customer. Mis-reads stop the machine and divert the shipping cases to an operator for manual intervention. This disruption increases time and costs. It also reduces the number of cases processed each day.

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Cognex’s DataMan image-based barcode readers decipher serialized codes on cigarette shipping cases quickly and accurately, eliminating the need for manual work. The DataMan 280, with advanced barcode reading algorithms, reliably reads these codes in under 12 ms. The intuitive DataMan software makes it quick and easy to set up, adjust configurations, and monitor barcode reading applications.

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