Inbound Processing

Reliably read codes on packages to receive, unpack, and route incoming shipments

Top-mounted barcode reader reading code on shipping label

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Fixed-mount Barcode Readers

Vision-enabled barcode readers with the ease-of-use and cost of laser scanners

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DataMan 370 Series

Fixed-mount barcode readers deliver superior read performance for the broadest range of applications.

Packages of vaccines and other pharmaceuticals that are received at regional distribution centers need to be removed from trucks, placed on the correct shelves in a temperature-controlled zone of the warehouse, and be made ready for rapid shipment to medical facilities.

During inbound sorting, barcodes must be reliably and quickly read as packages are removed from the truck and batched for warehouse storage. Barcodes that have been damaged in transit and cannot be read by a laser scanner have to be removed and manually identified and processed.

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DataMan fixed mount image-based barcode readers accurately read codes on packages for efficient inbound sorting. These high-performance barcode readers feature High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging, autofocus, and sophisticated decoding algorithms to achieve 99.9% read rates. Defective or low-quality codes are instantly flagged for immediate resolution.

DataMan fixed mount barcode readers can read multiple codes simultaneously to ensure that received products meet all regulations and requirements before being warehoused. These barcode readers reduce the number of incoming products that are mistakenly rejected or delayed for barcode-related issues because they can accurately read codes that are damaged, torn, or occluded.

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