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Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Gleason Pattern Scoring

Deep learning-based software classifies cell morphologies

Cognex Gleason Pattern Scoring

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The Gleason pattern grading scale classifies prostate cancer cells by their glandular structure on a scale from 1–5. Gleason patterns range in their degree of differentiation, from small and uniform to highly irregular and distinct. Scoring a Gleason pattern can be challenging when there are multiple scenes – in this case cells – in a single slide.

The Cognex ViDi Green-Classify tool categorizes different cell morphologies like the Gleason pattern based on a collection of labeled images. To train the Green-Classify tool, a technician or engineer provides all images labeled in accordance with the different classes. Cognex ViDi develops a model of Gleason patterns 1–5, then classifies cell tissues by their degree of differentiation and sorts them by grade.

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