Packaging Match Inspection

Machine vision systems ensure packages contain their correct contents

Packaging match inspection

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In-Sight 7000

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Manufacturers must ensure packages contain the correct contents to avoid surprises to consumers and potential recalls. Raw and processed food items moving to the packaging stage do not contain individual barcodes for identification. In these cases, a vision system must visually locate and identify the food item before allowing it to proceed to packaging.

Several variables can alter the way an object appears to the camera, making variations go unnoticed. Changes in object angle, size, and shading all challenge the smart camera’s ability to find objects.

The In-Sight 7000 vision system with PatMax Redline technology uses boundary curves to learn the unique geometry of a food item and then looks for similar geometric patterns in the images it captures. Color filtering, color ID, and color extraction tools register differences in color.

Combined, these technologies correctly identify food products and ensure contents match their packages. Food items which don’t match the unique geometry and color are diverted, avoiding a packaging mix-up.

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